Mission, Values and Principles of BOSS


BOSS reveals potential of every student for development of student self-governance and  Belarusian higher education.  

We altogether create the atmosphere of creativity and  efficiency, which helps us to develop the skills of  managers and volunteers, designers and  journalists, coaches and PR-specialists. We learn by doing and improve the thing which is really close to us, i.e. our universities and student self-governance.  

BOSS it’s your choice, if your values are:

1. Close-knit team

Have you ever thought, how many ideas you could bring into life if  you had your team-mate near you in the moments of doubts? We establish the atmosphere of creativity in BOSS: here you’ll be always supported and inspired to act. You’ll be helped to fulfill your plan, because the basis of this atmosphere is team spirit and trust. 

2. Personality development

We often hear: “To change the world, first of all, you must change yourself”. Let’s start acting together.
Being involved in BOSS every person can see, what “to act” means, every person can evaluate, how personality development broadens the possibilities and circle of contacts. In BOSS everyone can feel, how the world changes with every new skill attained.
It’s so interesting to see surprised faces of friends, while inviting them to your own training, -  isn’t it?
It’s so cool to be able to defend your point of view in the case of dispute to make your opponent shake your hand respectfully, - isn’t’ it?
It’s so great to be able to do something really well and to enjoy when people ask you for a piece of advice or invite you as an expert, -  isn’t’ it?
We know that every person is unique and is able to change the world. You should only decide, what role will be yours - an observer or the leader?

3. Pluralism

Our values are: broad outlook and free-thinking, equality of possibilities and democracy, freedom of speech, the right to disagree, joint leadership and open-mindedness. 

4. Grassroot

We appreciate that BOSS started not from a man-on-top's decision, but from desire and actions of fellow students.
BOSS is created by the people like you -  by students from majority of the country's universities. 

5. Networking

While social networks could unite millions of people on all continents of our planet, our reality-focused network unites the best minds of Belarus, which are ready to act together for development Belarusian society. 
BOSS thinks globally and acts locally (on the grassroot level). News and ideas, the best start ups and progressive practical work with innovations flow together in BOSS.  We support all mentioned above. International exchange of experience gives the chance to everyone to get new skills abroad and to pass it further via our BOSS network.

6. Mobility

You learn to move, travel, see the alternative, accept right decision fast, understand and bear responsibility, create great things, and get international experience with BOSS.
BOSS - it means travelling, trainings, and international exchanges with universities of the world.  All these things provide new information, positive activities, progressive technologies and practice, global thinking for our volunteers and managers.
Very often people loose their heart because they face with bureaucratic obstacles on their way to realize their idea.  BOSS considers that mobility is one of the most important values. We accept decisions fast and without bureaucratic runaround. If an idea helps students and higher education, we will do it!

===We work responsibly=== 
We work responsibly.  All volunteers in BOSS easily take responsibility. Our main principle is to take initiative, to be ready to defend your results, accept remarks and opinions of colleagues. 
We believe, that If you have desire to criticize somebody’s idea or initiative, you should always say to yourself: “What can I offer instead? Am I ready to support my words with the actions?”  Trust us, that we say the words of support 7 times more often, than words of doubts. We can fulfill even really difficult projects with such kind of support. With our own experience we learned to say more often “YES” for success, getting out of jaundice and dim-view shell! 

===We act effectively === 
We act effectively. BOSS understands clearly its aim: every person should be able get qualitative higher education in Belarus. To reach this aim we ought to raise student self-governance. Of course, self-governance can’t exist without talented student leaders. That’s why we want to reveal the potential of students in Belarus. Step by step keeping in mind our goal we are doing this. We constantly innovate and harvest people talents to have this ambitious mission done within the nearest decade. Efficiency it’s the second name of BOSS.

===We work according to the traditions of student brotherhoods=== 
In in the name of organization "Brotherhood" is not about a gender, it's about appealing to the historical roots of student freedoms needed to build up a free nation. The first students’ brotherhoods appeared together with universities. 
In Middle ages students united in corporations in order to have fun. Their communities switched the focus to the social-level issues eventually. Student interests gradually moved from alcohol and parties to self-governance and reciprocal social action. Belarusian students had students’ meetings, representatives, membership in European students’ organizations and mutual aid fund before communists came into power in XIX century and we will restore this tradition in XXI century. For instance, “Belarusian Student’s Union” acted in the Vilnia University in 1920x. It’s a little-known but incontestable fact, which is proved in documents of National Archive (See the details in book “Student self-governance of Belarus” - Студенческое самоуправление Беларуси ).
On a new wave of history we, Belarusians, again found our student brotherhood!

Thus, the principles of BOSS:    

  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Brotherhood


 English translation: Tanya Razmyslovich