Job placement of graduates and not only

Job placement – is the main problem, terrible punishment, injustice or a chance to get a job? 

  - You have your own opinion about obligatory work of students.

  - You went through this two years and know exactly where to spend them trouble-free.

  - You bear a brain and your words are not different from your activity.

 That means that you are to take part in new BOSS project which is called “Job placement ?”

What is that and whom we can help: Every state student at our country knows what is job placement. 
Ideally everything should be like that: during 2 years young specialist works calmly under state’s wing. Good job and nice experience. But it doesn’t happen so. This work turns to be a two-year exile to villages. This work also turns to be a two-year punishment for your getting a scholarship during five years. Is everything so bad? No! Life with job placement is not so gloomy as it may seem. Law company on questions of job placement is a prevention from bad variants of this work, treatment of neglected cases and rehabilitation of the needy.

Our company consists of several branches:

  • NON-STOPconsulting on questions of job placement
  • Organizing of theme events
  • Analytics, learning and journalistic inquiries on questions of job placement.

Around the country hundreds and even thousands of students having problems with work need our help. For somebody it will be enough to get a piece of advice of a layer, somebody will be saved by detailed analysis of the situation, and somebody craves for finding alternative vacancy. Specialists of our company will help you to solve all this problems and to change the situation for the better. Staff of our company is a well organized team, good workmen and makers of future.

If you want to get to the state of Law company, you should read the list of our vacancies!




  - Creating of posters/profile photos of the project, coordination of posting at cafes and offices

 - Creating, printing and spreading of booklets and brochures “?”;

 - Visual design of collection of the most popular questions-answers on the problem of job placement.

 Curious journalist:


 - Writing of informational notes about job placement;

 - Search of interesting information about job placement (articles, events) and issuance at public;

 - Making of questions-answers about job placement, making of online collection of the most popular questions-answers.

 Go-getting smm-superman:


 - Creating and guiding of VK-page with the information about job placement (creator of group);

 - Spreading of the information to partners channels (there are contacts);

 - Communication at forums/groups VK which are supplied with students and information about the project;

 - Active PR-company (theme shares on-line and off-line).

 Teachers and trainers (students and graduates of law specialities):


 - Organizing of trainings,  games, meetings on job placement;

 - Consulting about job placement;

 - Checking of consulting for the students without law education.



 - Consulting about job placement;

 - Duty at the office for holding consulting about job placement;

 - Organization of the work: technical points (giving of stationery, organizing of coffee-pauses at events, negotiations with participants, making up of timetable of the duty at the office, organization of on-line work).


Bonuses and privileges of the stuff of the company:

Work at the company is not paid but all our stuff regularly gets a great deal of bonuses which are:

  •  Opinions and recommendations for employers
  • Trainings in Europe
  • Free participating in all trainings and seminars held by BOSS

 Except from that all participants of the project get the main thing – opportunity of personality growth, space for self-realization in your spare time, new friends, broadening of your horizons and a ticket to a successful life!

If you are an ambitious, purposeful and got used to taking everything from this life, we are waiting for you at the company of job placement! Fill in the application and choose your role at the project right now! Your interesting tomorrow begins from this very minute!

Offers for the partners and potential sponsors:

  • Publication of the advertisement at official BOSS portals;
  • Facilitation on organizing corporative events;
  • Search of helpers for free training at the company.

All the information about the project is here:

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Яна Устиненко
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