Seminar Team BOSS


it will remain the same. Because nobody needs you, nobody respects you, and you are not able for  anything , and never will be. Do something more enjoyable : ex. eat , sleep, bleeders . Remember that your little laziness should be grown up in a warm and care ... Also remember about my sister  called depression and brother called fear. For so long time they want to wrap you in autumn nervousness , passivity , to sink you in this meaningless and pitiful world ... And you will never find  knowledge, skills  , and they shall be kept in the student self-governance prison until the end of their days !


 - Everything is considered to be impossible until someone does  it! (c) Batman, Batgirl Vol 1 # 34. We'll show you how to implement yourself and your idea. While people are thinking about their problems, we can not sit still. We will fight against this evil, and we don’t care if someone like it or not.



Superheroes from BOSS Seminar Team.


What do they do?

Their aim is to direct all forces in the accomplishment of feats for the common student good. BOSS organizeы events and solve the problems of life-and-death emergency. 


Which superpower do they own?

- The ability to speak and be heard;

- Telepathy and event-management;

- Ultra speed in decision-making process and conflict resolution process;

- Check-in student-zombie with active life-style.


Who can become them?

To become a superhero it is not necessary to possess superpowers, it is competently enough to use their knowledge, to be motivated to change the world for the better, follow moral principles and have a distinctive costume :) And also fill in the application for an invitation to the Seminar Team.

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Яна Устиненко
Одна из основательниц БОСС, заместитель председателя по организационному развитию и стратегическому планированию (2013-2015), основательница напарвления "Распределение БОСС". С 2013 года - ментор, тренер Академии студенческого лидерства (при Центре...