Dear Editors

Dear Editors!

 I want to express my gratitude for what you still do. Your work (articles, books, announcements) lets us to get a taste of student self-governance, to realize the relevance of different youth problems. It is exactly you who transforms this world of stale information into a candy! You criticize, amend, edit, translate from Goblin variant into native and foreign languages.  Just looking through BOSS publication can safely prove your services as artists and designers of the high words’ class.

However, whatever words of admiration were mentioned, I understand that you often do not have enough time and effort. Sometimes it happens that the announcement of BOSS events is delayed, and delivery to partners’ channels is lost. I see that the design of publications leaves much to be desired and posters do not have a single visual style. I feel that the thoughts of the authors of articles are confused when you do not have time to read the first new creations volunteers.

Dear BOSS editors, I am a student who dreams to develop in the publishing field. Perhaps as a future journalist, editor, writer or copywriter I could gain sufficient experience while working in a friendly and self-governance careful BOSS team. I feel confidence that with the BOSS I can implement my plans, I will have my own official publicationsan opportunity to study course in the best institutions of the world and what is the most important - I'll be able to carve out a name for myself!

I will be looking forward to your reply on my application to the BOSS volunteers!


Best regards, Your student :)


P.S. I have a friend who longs to help with the visual design of BOSS products. I hope that he will soon fill in the form too.

05.12.2014 - 23:23


Яна Устиненко
Одна из основательниц БОСС, заместитель председателя по организационному развитию и стратегическому планированию (2013-2015), основательница напарвления "Распределение БОСС". С 2013 года - ментор, тренер Академии студенческого лидерства (при Центре...