Annual BOSS reporting-elective conference

BOSS reporting-elective conference took place at the 1 March. From all over Belarus students arrived to hear about innovative directions of student self-governance development and to be the first to learn the results of the student articles and essays competition. Six best student works were awarded with prize. The works were from such nominations as «The analysis of the student government at the Belarus universities», « Student government as the launch pad for a leader», «Management in the student organization», «Student government abroad», «The perfect student government in my university» and «What for we need student government at universities».

It’s worthy to note that during the period from February 2013 to March 2014 the organization succeeded not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Some members of BOSS told about their done work.

Yana Ustisnenka, BOSS representative in Gomel.

  1. Two workshops concerning student government in Minsk and Gomel;
  2. Organization of three training in Minsk, providing a platform for the implementation of BOSS volunteers;
  3. Participation in the preparation of the BOSS reporting-elective conference;
  4. Organization of corporate events;
  5. Participation in the work of the team "The Bill" under the aegis of Students think tanks;
  6. Редактирование Справочника для студенческих лидеров (рабочий процесс продолжается).

Vera Paltarzhytskaya and Nadzeya Varivonchik, responsible for  3D BOSS.

  1. First personified the direction called 3D (described the direction and type of activity, and opportunities also for themselves and volunteers);
  2. Conducting forum theater "Students: Study and work";
  3. Organization and holding of the seminars "How to write a resume?", "How to write a motivation letter?", "How can I get an interview?", "Distribution: Popular truth";
  4. Creation of separate groups in social networks, which aim to select and search for jobs, internships and practice sites suitable for students;
  5. Holding about 3 to 4 workshops "Image and color", "business style" with Olga Gribova;
  6. Getting in contact with media partners;
  7. Launch of the project "The Art of small steps, or how to run your business tomorrow" with the DVI company;
  8. Organization of the initiative group of interpreters who translated the most important BOSS  articles in English and Belarusian, also creation of "BOSS Partners " section;
  9. Work on the BOSS brand and all its components;
  10. Creation and promotion of «Book-crossing» shelf in BOSS;
  11. Establish and holding of «MIAOW BOSS»;
  12. Creation of the idea and organization of «1 May –BOSS»;
  13. Responsible for BOSS weekly organizational meetings.

Dimitri Varnashov, BOSS volunteer.

  1. Increasing the number of subscribers in the Vkontakte BOSS group up to 50%. At the same time, the average number of page views per day is 100-140, the number of unique visits - an average of 60 per day;
  2. Resuming and conducting of information processes in Twitter.
  3.  Implementation with constant information support and PR all BOSS events.

Vadim Akhremko, auditor.

  1.  During the period of 2013-2014 no violations were found.

Alexander Lutsevich, BOSS chairperson.

  1. Let’s sum up our events which were held by different volunteers and BOSS’s friends:
  • Seminars concerning student government in Gomel, Vitebsk, Minsk;
  • Training «Negotiations";
  • Training "Magic copywriting";
  • Training "How to write a letter of motivation ";
  • Training "The Art of nonverbal communication ";
  • Training "How to write a resume ";
  • Training "Ropes Course ";
  • Training "PR for Dummies";
  • Training "How to pass an interview ";
  • Training «English-speaking BOSS»;
  • Training "Distribution. Popular truth»;
  • Training on "Effective Presentation ";
  • Seminars on "Workshop student forum theaters";
  • Training «Photoshop for Beginners ";
  • Tournament "FliksaBOSS ";
  • Tournament «FlixaBOSS- 2014";
  • "Training for Trainers";
  • Training "Oratory";
  • Training "Management Training.
  • 2/ Role-playing game "Situation";  
  • Role-playing game "The Island";
  •  3. "Think Tank" was founded and the book on the student government was published;
  • The collection of BOSS conference was published on February 15, 2013;
  • Creation and removal of the video “25 frames»;
  • Assistance in the event "Hard-working";
  • Round table session with universities;
  • 4. Creation and development of BOSS corporate culture: birthday celebration of the organization, corporate Christmas, mass skating, Miaow BOSS and more.

Also on the BOSS reporting-elective conference a new organizational structure and new administrative board members were adopted. 

One of the key moments of the conference was the presentation of the book "Student government of Belarus." 

Each participant of the event could ask the authors of articles questions and get interesting answers about creation, ideas and writing a book. In addition, at the end of the conference everyone could get this book for free.

In conclusion, we can safely say that BOSS is a young organization with big goals and prospects for the future.

And we can only wish them a lot of success and new achievements!


07.03.2014 - 17:12