Lithuania. Student self-governance -2 :)

Let’s keep on looking into Lithuania from student activity point of view. In the previous part of this topic we have started our survey from Vilnius Technical University named after Gedemin. Now we consider another bright example of student autonomy and independence. It is the representation office of European Humanist University in Vilnius which is one of the key student bodies in Lithuania. For those who don’t know let’s say that EHU is the so-called university in exile which was closed in Belarus in 2005 and for that reason moved abroad. Nevertheless the majority of students are Byelorussians and beyond all doubt it makes us happy. So let’s see how Byelorussian guys fulfill themselves in a foreign country.

At the head of EHU student representation office there is the president. Nowadays this honorary post is held by Gavril Smogorgevsky (the undergraduate of EHU, the department of  “Cultural heritage and tourism” »).

The Vice-president assists him. Besides there is a lawyer who defends the student rights. The project-manager is the main think tank. No less important and integral part of the organization is the sector of international affairs. They are those who before others make the acquaintance of foreign experience of student selfgovernance.

The control program is made up by the secretary. This person provides the whole governmental body with vital documents. He is in charge of all secrets. An important member of the group of student activists is a designer. Precisely he knows how to make comfort in the university.  PR-sector is responsible for public relations. PR-sector is a mechanism which assists everyone who needs the organization and the organization if it needs someone. Different memorable events are recorded by those who are responsible for photo and video.

We can say that the main sphere of activity of EHU student representation office consists of diversified and unusual projects. For instance, the guys have organized cooperative bicycle trip, skating, driving on scooters and boating. They organized the discussion with the producer of the group “Lyapis Trubetskoy” Eugeny Kalmykov. Besides the organization recruit new members and due to it add fresh ideas into a cause.

EHU student representation office as well as all Lithuanian student selfgovernments is financed by the government according to the Lithuanian legislation.

Let’s stress that students who have participated in EHU student representation continue to be engaged into public activities outside the university. They develop and upgrade their skills, launch their own projects and establish new organizations. The brightest examples are:

  • Kiril Atamanchik (the undergraduate of EHU,  the department of  “Cultural heritage and tourism” » in 2013)  - The President of Youth Association "StudAlliance" (Lithuania), the representative of  Youth Public Association "Malady Front"  in Lithuania.

  • Maxim Milto ( the senior student of undergraduate studies, the department of  “Heritage and tourism”, ex-president  of Student representation of EHU) – Vice-president of the Lithuanian National Student Union (LSS) )

Authors: Irina Baranovskaya, Ilya Berasnev

Translated by Irina Skomorokh

20.03.2013 - 15:07