Lithuania. Student self-governance

Lithuania. This country cannot pass unnoticed; it definitely attracts your attention. But what can Lithuania offer except eventful history and diversified scenery? The answer is the developed student self-governance. Let’s start the brief review from the Vilnius Technical University named after Gedemin (VILNIAUS GEDIMINO TECHNIKOS UNIVERSITETAS).
The members of the student self-governance organization position themselves as independent non-governmental organization which is functioning on a voluntary basis. Its history originated in 1994. The group of activists consists of 250-300 members; its representation office has 10 subsidiaries plus Central Office. Such structure ensures the stability of the organization. Besides it has 3 clubs where everyone can team up according his interests. The main long-term goals of the organization are the following:

  • To provide the appropriate  representation and protection of students’ rights and interests;
  • To create the positive environment for students;
  • To ensure the stability of the organization functioning.

The system of values includes:

  • Openness
  • Responsibility
  • Upgrading
  • Initiative

And now let’s consider what concerns the internal structure of student representation office. The head of the organization is the president elected on democratic basis. For the time being the president’s post is occupied by Dionis Marcinkevichus.

The bodies which undertake activities of the organization are The Central Office, The Council and The Revision. The main spheres of their activity include social and academic activity, marketing and different projects, public relations, human resources management and international affairs. Besides the organization has special committees on different important issues as:

  • The Committee on recovery of studying expenses
  • The Appellate Committee
  • The Committee on educational process of the university (department)
  • The Committee on ethics
  • The issues of dormitory accommodation. The development of infrastructure. Other social and academic issues.

The particular emphasis is put on the student motivation to participate in the university life. The main factors are:

  • The extended responsibility during arrangement and implementation of programs and projects inside the university which allows to feel one’s significance;
  • The understanding of the importance of all issues  by each member;
  • The opportunity to receive the most important information at first hand. Thus there is the chance to avoid competition somewhere and make progress in selffulfilling;
  • Connections, contacts, job placement which are essential for everyone for success;
  • The awareness and understanding of the cause.

There are different ways to get involved in the activity of the organization. There to the camps for first-year students are organized, human resources management is active. Besides students can join the organization because it has helped to solve some of their personal problems and now they want to help other students who have the same problems. You can be enlisted in the organization while signing the contract of admission to a university too.

Let’s say several words about financing. The main sponsor of the representation office is the university as according to the Lithuanian education act the institutes of higher education have to assign means from their budget on the development of student organizations. Among the additional ways to obtain funds are:

  • Advertising promotion (posters)
  • Arrangement events and projects (fee for participation)
  • Charitable contribution
  • Student Card (the unique card designed by Lithuanian National Student Union (LSS))

Authors: Irina Baranovskaya, Ilya Berasnev

Translated by Irina Skomorokh

19.03.2013 - 16:01